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Use of Alternatives Lighting Procedure

Mishandling of candle / lamp can cause disaster. Fire statistic has shown that house burnt from abuse of candle / wax are rising.

  • Make sure the candle or any other source of fire that are use within your supervision.
  • Put off all the candle before leaving the room or going to sleep. The use of candle in bedroom are not recommended. If its inevitable, make sure the candle are placed far from curtains, clothes, furnitures, magazines and newspapers. Also make sure that the candle are from from flammable liquid.
  • Pastikan lilin tidak diletakkan berhampiran dengan cecair mudah bakar.
  • Avoid from lighting candle near windows and doors where it is exposed to the wind that can cause fire.



  • Stable. Not easily inclined or slanting.
  • Not made from flammable material.
  • Have sufficient space to accomodate the wax dripping or if the candle fell.

Place the wax on a stable place, on a table that are not messy and far from the table edge.

Avoid from fall that caused by accident knocked from children, pets, mice and if it fell, make sure it did not fell to a flammable material. Light up the candle carefully.

Make sure your hair and clothes are free from source of fire.

Make sure the candlewick are cut in a quarter of an inch before use.

Put off the candle if it is burning two inches from the holder.

Put off the candle carefully using a snuffer or blow it off slowly.

Put off the match and let the match jar cool down before throwing it away.



According to fire statistics, nearly ten percent of fire happens in home cause by children misusing the candle properly.

  • Keep away burning candle from children playing it and even the drop of wax too and make sure it did not touch to any flammable material.
  • Make sure you supervised the candle or any other source of fire even for a while, especially where there are kids.
  • Childred should be explained about the danger of candle light.
  • Place candle, matches and lighters in high places so that it can not be reach from children, especially in a locked cabinet.

When blackout happens at home, the candle usually used as alternative source of lighting. Avoid from using candle on an emergency.

  • Always prepare a light torch and batery as replacement for candle.
  • Make sure you did not move the candle while it is burning.
  • It is good if you did not use a candle to see through the way while adding flammable liquid.
  • Put off all the burning candle before leaving the room or going to sleep.