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Fire Safety In College

Being far from home means taking more responsibility, including keeping hostel and college free from fire.


  • You can cook only if permitted.
  • If using the kitchen, make sure it is neat and tidy.
  • Avoid from using electrical appliance continuously or burdens the electric spark plug.
  • Do not let cooking activity unattended. If fire started from microwave oven, make sure the door is closed and unplugged the socket. Do not try to remove the burning container from the microwave.


  • If you like to smoke, go to area permitted to smoke.
  • Use a big and heavy ashtray. Make sure the cigarette butt are putt off before thrown away.
  • Do not ever smoke while laying down on bed.
  • It is dangerous to smoke when drunk or after taking medicine that can cause drowsiness.


  • Candle can only be lit if permitted.
  • Make sure the burning candle are attended.
  • Place the candle far from wall, curtain, decorative goods and flammable liquid.
  • Place the candle at a stable place. Use a candle holder and do not let i burnt till the end.
  • Avoid the wax dripping onto flammable material.

Always prepare to face fire

  • Your building has an evacuation plan. Learnt it and try to participate on a fire drill, as if it really happens. A false alarm is no joke, report quickly to the Fire Department.
  • Identify every exit door location in the building to make sure you can evacuate even in dark condition if its on fire.
  • Smoke detector can help save you almost 50 percent higher chances compare to building without smoke detectors. Do  not try to remove the battry from smoke detector. Dry / Wet Riser System can save lives and property from being caught on fire. It can protect surrounding places by fighting and containing the fire. Avoid from hanging any object at the pipe or the nozzle.
  • Fire extinguisher can handle small fire. Do not play with it.
  • When the security bell ringing be heard, evacuate immediately. Close the door as soon as you left the place. If you can not run, return back to your room.

Saving live tips

  • In a situation fill with smoke, you can save yourself by crawling and make sure your head is in the SAFE ZONE to breathe, which is about one to three feet (30 to 60 cm) from the floor where the air is much cleaner.
  • If you are traped in a room during a fire. before opening the door you must feel the heat of the door, the knob, and the frame by using the back of your hand. If the door and the knob feels hot, do not open the door and find alternative way out. If the door is not hot, you must get on your knees and stick your shoulder to the door first before opening the door slowly and carefully. If the smoke and fire starts to enter the room, close the door tightly and use alternative route.
  • If you are trapped, contact the Fire Department quickly. Inform your location. Close the gap under the door using blanket, bedsheet, towel or others to prevent the smoke from entering the room.
  • Give a signal by standing near the window. If the window can be opened, open little bit at the top and bottom. If the smoke enter the room, close the window quickly.

There are no building that is completely safe. Even if the hostel or your house is made of concrete, it could produce toxic that comes from small fire.