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Fire Preventing In Kitchen

Kitchen Fire Safety

  • Avoid from leaving the kitchen while cooking.
  • Always monitor and check food cooked in the oven.
  • Avoid from cooking if you are sleepy drowsy or after taking medication.


Kitchen Cleanliness

  • Avoid from putting pot handles, food wrappers, recipe books and anything can burn nearby to your stove.
  • Make sure your cooking stove always clean. Dirts or built-up grease can catch fire.
  • Avoid from putting curtains, hand towel nearby to your stove.

Prevent Burns

  • Food cookded in a microwave produce higher heat, thus open microwaved food slowly and allow it to cook before eating it.
  • Be careful when using a wet oven mitt as it can cause a burn.

Electrical Cords Safety

  • Use only one heat - producing appliance on the same curcuit at a time.
  • Get the ground fault circuits interrupters (GFCIs) installed on all kitchen counter outlets.
  • Also protect counter-top circuit with the proper size fuses or circuit breakers.
  • Replace cracked or frayed appliance cords.
  • If an appliance feels too hot or smokes, unplug it immediately and have it serviced or replaced.


Fighting Kitchen Fires

Grease fires

  • Turn off the burner.
  • Cover the pan with its lid.
  • Let the pan cool.
  • Open the lid slowly.

Microwave or Oven Fires

If a microwave or Oven catches fire :

  • Unplug the microware or oven.
  • Bring them to the open area.
  • Keep the door closed.